What We Do

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Having issues with your office or home computers? We can get your computer up and running again with the fsaTECH trusted computer repair services. This is why we have developed a world class technician and client management system so we can not only, respond more quickly than most others, but also offer quality follow up support and services once we have serviced you

Networking Wired/Wireless

We understand that staying online is extremely important, that's why our fsaTECH techs can come to your home or office troubleshoot even the most difficult networking problems. Network installation, configuration, we are always ready to cure any networking related problems. We can also help in resolving DNS, DHCP issues.

PC Crashing or Freezing

Often when your computer is crashing or freezing, the cause may be a hardware conflict, corrupt software of faulty drivers. You may well have a virus problem if you are getting annoying pop ups appearing when surfing the internet or your program just don't  seem to be acting the way they use to.  

LCD Screen Replacement

We provide expert laptop cracked screen repair services, replacing your cracked  screen from stock with a genuine and high quality LCD model. If your backlight is not working it may mean you have to replace the LCD Panel, Inverter board, LCD Cable or Systemboard. fsaTECH technician can correctly diagnose the problem and provide complete laptop screen repair.

Data Recovery & Backup

Home or work PC has so many vital documents, photo and music collections - our whole digital life is stored on these machines. We also use PC for everyday services such as internet banking, online shopping and more. We can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupt data. We offer advice on backup systems to prevent re-occurrence of  lost data.

PC & Laptop Troubleshooting

Getting  the infamous BSOD "blue screen of death" ,  message saying "Error Loading Operating System" or blank screen, not booting up , no power then we can help identify the problem either get the OS running again or/and recover your documents and perform clean wipe of windows operating system.

Excellence in Service

100% Satisfaction guarantee